Victoria Manajemen Investasi

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Product Recomendation

Reksa Dana Lancar Victoria Merkurius

Rp. 1,418.79

  6 month 1.68%
1 year   4.26%
Year to date   0.91%

Reksa Dana Syariah Victoria Pasar Uang Syariah

Rp. 1,204.67

  6 month   0.90%
1 year 3.72%
Year to date 0.50%

Reksa Dana Syariah Victoria Obligasi Negara Syariah

Rp. 1,205.30

  6 month   1.60%
1 year 8.47%
Year to date 0.34%

Why do you have to invest with us?

because we are SMART


We are practitioners who have competence in the financial field and are able to encourage customers to better financial capabilities in the future.


The professional code of ethics is a bridge in the consistency of maintaining the Company's values for the benefit of customers.


Financial Business really requires a high Networking, and that can make us become bigger with a high number of customer networks.


The trust of all stakeholders is our priority in making various business decisions, so that the Company's business sustainability is maintained.


Speed and accuracy are certain in our commitment to face a dynamic financial business.


Support between Clients, Shareholders, Management and Employees creates a harmonious work environment for the achievement of Victoria's Long-Term Investment Management Objectives.


Victoria Group merupakan group konglomerasi keuangan yang terdiri dari PT. Victoria Manajemen Investasi, PT. Victoria Sekuritas Indonesia, PT. Victoria Insurance, Pt. Victoria Life, PT. Bank Victoria Tbk dengan entitas anak PT. Bank Victoria Syariah. Semuanya bergerak di bawah nauangan PT. Victoria Investama Tbk.

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